Robotics Software Engineer - SLAM

Updated: 30 days ago

  • Contribute to Wildcat, CSIRO’s most advanced robot localisation & mapping technology
  • Work with world-class robotics research infrastructure
  • Build strong networks with world-leading roboticists

Wildcat  is CSIRO’s most advanced SLAM software that enables teams of robots to collaboratively map and explore unknown environments, and it provides best in class 3D mapping and localisation for survey, inspection, patrol and response applications.

As part of the Wildcat team, you will directly contribute to the development of new Wildcat SLAM features, enhancements and related tools and technologies as we prepare to fully commercialise the technology.  Subject to your performance, you may be offered a role in a potential spinout company.  Find out more about Spinouts .

Join CSIRO’s Data61, the largest data innovation group in Australia.

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