Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Engineer for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle prototypes (Lommel, Leuven)

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Aug 2021

With a top-notch hardware-in-the-loop test infrastructure, you offer companies a taste of the latest technologies to test the performance of their electric/hybrid vehicles. Flanders Make researchers are developing technologies for the design and production of high-performance, flexible and autonomous machines and vehicles, rethinking the drivetrain setups of electric/hybrid vehicles. New solutions are tested on our demonstration and validation infrastructure in controlled conditions.
Improve drivetrain performance with hardware-in-the-loop tests
For different mechatronic applications, you will:

  • Work in a team, where you will simulate via Hardware-in-the-loop the behaviour of vehicles and components like thermal, power or performance parameters for batteries, supercapacitors or electric motors…;
  • Use, expand and manage the test setups, working closely together with technology experts in different domains (sensing, control, software architecture, software integration, automation, robotics, vehicle dynamics, testing).

More concretely, you will:

  • Organise virtual and experimental tests
  • You define the test plan of research projects together with the project team;
  • You design and implement resources for test automation (e.g. Labview);
  • You create, adapt and validate virtual models prior to experimental tests;
  • You define the hardware instruments for experimental tests;
  • You perform experimental and mixed virtual-experimental tests.
  • Post-process test data and analyse outcomes together with the team
  • Define the scope of what we can do
  • You know your infrastructure and identify the scope and timing of the research solutions we can offer to companies;
  • You detect new business opportunities.
  • You formulate the requirements for newly required equipment or software.
  • Coordinate the technical infrastructure
  • You build new infrastructure, prototypes of intelligent vehicles/machines & test setups for companies;
  • You adjust existing infrastructure to new research needs;
  • You ensure that all equipment and infrastructure functions safely and optimally at all times. 

“I will rebuild the machine or part of it and do all necessary tests to show that the concept works. I ensure that the tests are carried out, but I am also involved in designing and setting up the test plan. … For me, a technical job with a lot of variety is ideal. One moment you sit together with someone who builds cars, the next moment you discuss the options with someone manufacturing wind turbines or copiers or ...” (Koen, Test Engineer since 2007 @ Flanders Make)

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