Industrial IoT Software Research Engineer (Leuven, Kortrijk or Lommel) (# of pos: 3)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Sep 2021

You will build the next generation of Industrial IoT technology and guide the leading Flemish manufacturing companies towards Industry 4.0 innovations.

Production lines are becoming ever ‘smarter’. For example, machine configuration settings and operator instructions are automatically geared to one another using quality measurement systems, e.g. to reduce production downtime.

Flanders Make builds prototype production systems of the future in which intelligent information systems and robots collect and interpret huge amounts of data. We demonstrate to companies the increasing opportunities offered by digitally interconnected work cells in which technology supports operators with self-learning systems and dynamic instructions. We are doing this more and more in our own Industrial IoT Infrastructure, which we are gradually expanding.

As an Industrial IoT Software Research Engineer, you will:

  • Collaborate in a research team with expertise in software development, modelling & simulation, algorithms, concept designs, system architectures, cloud & edge computing, big data architectures and digital twins;
  • Work on intelligent network systems to interconnect machines, robots, AGVs and operators in the production environment;
  • Use software to connect edge, cloud and industrial or experimental installations;
  • Ensure the connection of structured or unstructured data flows from subsystems to a planning system.

More specifically, you will:

  • Create software prototypes that demonstrate the feasibility and value of smart manufacturing functions to manufacturing companies. For this, you will efficiently merge multiple state-of-the-art Industrial IoT technologies (edge and cloud (PaaS/SaaS/IaaS) databases, ETL solutions, container technology, data analytics, protocols such as MQTT, OPC/UA, etc.).
  • Study new methods of connecting production systems to AI algorithms (within a cloud or edge environment);
  • Enable the connection between IT platforms MES (Manufacturing Execution System) / ERP / MOM / LIMS / PLM, etc. To this end, invent, develop, program and realize innovative extensions to MES systems and the associated software architectures. You also take into account data inflow from other relevant data sources (operator input, measurements, public data,…);
  • Incorporate your developments in practical applications and test the software on a functional demonstrator – prototype assembly cell;
  • Trace and present industrial challenges and new research opportunities within the scope of the Industrial IoT for production environments.

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