Bioinformatics Project Manager (PhD)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Mar 2021


GENEVIA TECHNOLOGIES’ Production Team is recruiting! We are looking for a seasoned bioinformatics scientist with a passion for providing bioinformatics services to research groups in the academic and industry sectors. As a Project Manager, your most important responsibilities include

1) planning the required bioinformatics workflow with our clients, then

2) dissecting that workflow into more specific analysis tasks to both our production bioinformatics team and to yourself, and

3) analyzing the data, integrating, interpreting and reporting analysis results back to the client’s team.

OUR CLIENTS are researchers who are using a wide variety of omics technologies from standard mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing and epigenetics to completely novel experimental platforms. You are already familiar with standard computational methods for omics data analysis, such as how to ascertain the quality of an experiment, statistical testing, as well as the specialised computational tools of the trade, such as genome alignment, genome assembly and annotation, SNP calling, peak calling, pathway analysis, and are excited to learn new tools for new technologies. The biological applications our clients are working with range from microbiology, to plants and animals, to biomedical applications, such as immunology or cancer. We don’t expect that you are an expert in all areas, but you will have enough base understanding to be able to quickly grasp the essence of our clients’ research questions.


  • understanding a wide variety of omics data types,
  • understanding typical analysis workflows for most omics data types,
  • ability to implement analysis tasks, and interpret the validity of the results
  • experience in publishing omics-heavy applied research papers
  • enthusiasm to learn new biology and technology, and
  • a knack for science outreach and communication (in written text, data visualisations and conversation/presentations).

If you have practical experience in publishing biological research papers with a bioinformatics component, and/or have worked in a bioinformatics core laboratory, for example, you are already quite familiar with our projects. The position would be ideal for an academic bioinformatician who wants to work in management, but also to remain firmly within the research realm of life sciences and bioinformatics. We wish you could start to work in April or latest in May.

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by March 15th 2021. Please include your cv when completing the form, but we don't ask any further documentation at this point. The application form requires you to log in with your Google account.

QUESTIONS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding the position is available from Klaus Breitholtz (+358 40 747 7672 / )

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