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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 15 Jun 2021

Candidate Requirements and Selection Criteria:

1. PhD student of an accredited PhD study program or candidate for a scientific degree (hereinafter jointly referred to as - Doctoral student) who has not and has not been elected as a lecturer or assistant in study work;

2. The doctoral student plans to submit it for public defence of the doctoral thesis and obtain the first doctoral scientific degree by 30 November 2022;

3. Have successfully passed the tests prescribed in the PhD study program plan for the relevant semester and study year;

4. Interest in study work and readiness to contribute to the development of the study direction;

5. Positive reference of the PhD student on the PhD student as a potential lecturer;

6. Participation in an international scientific conference with presentation / report;

7. Publication of at least one scientific article in an international edition is desirable;

8. Participation in the implementation of scientific projects is desirable;

9. Desirable English language skills at B2 level.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Application for Doctoral Student Selection (appended);
  • Schedule of the research carried out and time schedule of planned research (in quarters; Annex 1.1);
  • Extract from the Pre-Defence Protocol (if applicable);
  • Statement on studies in doctoral study program, if Doctoral student acquires doctoral studies outside RTU;
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) of the doctoral student using the Europass form (Guidelines for CV preparation - Annex 2, Guidelines for self-assessment of English language skills - Annex 3);
  • Application to the Rector of RTU for applying for the vacancy (form - Annex 4);
  • Doctoral thesis supervisor's recommendation / feedback on doctoral student as potential lecturer;
  • Letter of motivation (in free form).
  • Application for Selection (Annex 1) and its annexes may be submitted signed with a secure electronic signature containing a time stamp by sending an electronic document to the e-mail address or in person on a paper-bound folder in RTU staff department, Riga, Kaļķu Street 1-213.

    Application deadline: 15th of June, 2021.

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