Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 23 May 2021

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) invites to submit documents for the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

KTU is one of the leading diverse universities closely cooperating with the business. The university provides studies and conducts research in the fields of engineering, technologies, physical sciences, humanities, social sciences and arts.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture provides the Bachelor’s and integrated studies (2 study programmes), Master’s studies (4 study programmes), and Doctoral studies (2 study programmes). It promotes internationality and business partners are involved in the study process. The advanced methods of studies and innovative technologies are applied in the study programmes: joint semester projects, “studio” method, BIM (building information modelling), foreign specialists/lecturers are involved in the study process.

The faculty develops research of technologies and humanities conducted by approximately 100 educators and researchers. The faculty has a developed science-business integration – it provides the possibilities for the business to use the most advanced technological solutions and provided services. The faculty includes the accredited Building Materials and Structures Research Centre and the Smart Cities and Infrastructure Centre established in cooperation with the partners.

The faculty conducts research in the following fields:

  • Building materials, structures and technologies
  • Energy performance and microclimate of buildings
  • Town and country planning in Lithuania (architecture, urban development)
  • Digital transformation in civil engineering, digital property management

About the job position

The Dean is a top executive of the faculty subordinate to KTU Rector. The Dean takes full responsibility for the faculty’s educational and research activities as well as its operational management, is the leader of the faculty’s management team.

The job position is appointed for five years with a possibility of reappointment of the term of office for additional five years. The same person may be appointed for the position for a maximum of two consecutive terms of office.

The Dean’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • development of the faculty’s educational and research activities and maintaining of the vision;
  • leading the faculty’s team and directing the faculty’s contribution in pursuit of the strategic objectives of KTU;
  • development and monitoring of the faculty's strategic and annual performance objectives;
  • ensuring the faculty’s contribution to the continuous quality improvement in study programmes and ensuring the teaching based on contemporary didactics;
  • development and expansion of the faculty’s research portfolio;
  • identification of opportunities and development of interdisciplinary activities as well as development of the policies and initiatives promoting closer cooperation with business and social partners, and development of partnerships with regional businesses and the community at large;
  • fostering the faculty’s collaborative relationships with other academic and non-academic departments of KTU;
  • supporting the creation and implementation of an innovative and effective approach to student attraction and relationship management as well as recruitment, retention, training and performance management models of the faculty’s staff;
  • ensuring the reliable financial performance of the faculty.

The Dean is expected to:
  • have a convincing academic vision and ability to implement the educational and research innovations;
  • have excellent organisational skills, ability to set priorities and take responsibility;
  • be a motivated leader and a team member and cooperate with colleagues from other departments;
  • have the ability to adapt to dynamic work situations, manage complex tasks and meet deadlines;
  • be capable of implementing the finance, staff and other resource management policies that support strategic objectives of the faculty and the university;
  • be a mediator and a team member who can persuade and inspire, as well as be receptive to the opinions of other employees.

All applicants have to have a Doctoral (or equivalent) degree, management experience, proficiency in Lithuanian and professional working proficiency in the English language.

Submission of documents

The following documents have to be submitted by email :

  • a cover letter;
  • a description of the proposed vision and objectives of the faculty (operational guidelines);
  • an extended curriculum vitae (CV) including the achieved research and innovation results and the acquired academic, management and other relevant experience;
  • a copy of the document certifying the acquired Doctoral (or equivalent) degree;
  • a certificate of proficiency in the Lithuanian language at the category III, if the mother tongue is not Lithuanian;
  • a certificate of proficiency in English at C1 level if mother tongue is not English;
  • additional documents, information or references to support the applicant’s scientific, academic and management activities and qualifications (at the applicant's discretion).

The deadline for the submission of documents – 23 May 2021.

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