Associate Professor - Accounting and Finance

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 20 Feb 2021

The University of Southampton Malaysia (UOSM) is seeking applications for Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance on the balanced career path of research and teaching.  

Essential Criteria  

  • A Ph.D. in Business, specialising in Accounting or Finance.  
  • The applicant must have strong knowledge in either of the two main disciplinary areas, but we would focus on the applicants with expertise and research in the broader field of Accounting, Finance, and Economics areas. 
  • Ideally a minimum of seven years of post-PhD experience in teaching and research in subject areas at any recognised institution of higher learning. The relevant industry experience is valuable as it complements the teaching and research performance. However, such knowledge can not substitute for the essential teaching and research experience.  
  • The applicant must have an excellent research and teaching portfolio within the broader areas of Accounting, Finance, and Financial Economics.  
  • The applicant must have a sustained record of producing high-quality original research outputs in internationally excellent journals as recognised by the UK Research Excellence Framework or a similar agency in the region if it is appropriate. We use the ABS benchmark to determine the quality of relevant journals. UOSM focuses on high-quality research rather than the quantity of publications. We may arrange an external review for the selected publications.   
  • The record of securing research grants as the principal investigator is essential, and successful Ph.D. supervision leading to completion is nice to have at this stage of career.  
  • The applicant should have a record of teaching a wide range of subjects across Accounting, Finance, and Financial Economics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.   
  • The role holder will have the proven ability and record to develop and implement plans to enhance the programmes, make sound judgments on significant problems, and provide effective academic leadership.  

Desirable Criteria: 

  • Professional certifications such as ACCA, CPA, CIMA, or Certified Financial Analyst. 

Key Accountabilities and Primary Responsibilities  


  • Plan and coordinate a broad research programme and activity in an area of recognised excellence for the University.  Act as principal investigator on projects, responsible for defining original research objectives, developing and managing staff, and attracting funding through bids and reputation. Develop and oversee the application of innovative and creative research methodologies and techniques that add to the knowledge/understanding of the subject area. 
  • Develop and sustain a national and international reputation for research and the enhancement of learning and teaching practice by the regular dissemination and explanation of findings through leading peer-reviewed publications, major conferences, or other relevant events.   
  • Engage in external academic activities in accordance with the UoSM's Research Strategy, which enhances the UoSM national/international research profile, e.g. membership of committees of academic bodies, external examining, journal editorships, etc. 
  • Manage administrative tasks associated with specified research funding, including risk assessment of programme activities, leading project meetings, and annual reports preparation.  Management of procedures required to ensure accurate and timely formal reporting and financial control. 
  • Provide expert advice and subject leadership to other staff and students, including research supervision. 


  • Contribute to the development of teaching and learning activities at UoSM, and teach to the highest quality across a range of modules and to all levels, through lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, and seminars.   
  • Take responsibility for overseeing, developing, and promoting innovative teaching and learning approaches and materials to create interest, understanding, and enthusiasm amongst students. Directly supervise students, provide expert advice on best practices in learning, and support student understanding and engagement with the curriculum.   
  • Identify the learning needs of students and define learning objectives. Promote the use of appropriate media to support student learning.  Set and mark coursework and exams and provide constructive feedback to students.   
  • Design, develop, and deliver an innovative range of programmes and study for courses at various levels.  Take responsibility for the quality of the design of courses and programmes, continually monitoring, evaluating, and revising them to ensure excellence and coherence. 
  • Take on appropriate UoSM coordinating roles to advance student academic development,  
  • Represent UoSM externally in the relevant disciplinary community. 
  • Take on any other duties as allocated by the line manager following consultation with the post holder 


  • Contribute to the efficient management and administration of the department by performing administrative duties as allocated by the Head of Programme and by taking on appropriate department coordination roles. 
  • Any other duties as allocated by the line manager following consultation with the post holder which include student recruitment and supporting the implementation of the UoSM Strategic Plan. 

Application Submission  

If you meet the above essential and desirable criteria, can maintain accountability, and take responsibilities across research, teaching, and others, UOSM welcomes your application. The application must include the following two documents.   

  • A Cover Letter - addressing how you meet the essential criteria and is suitable for taking the role described above.  
  • An updated CV that provides complete information of (a) your full academic qualifications, including Ph.D. areas or thesis title, (b) details of your full-time employment including administration and leadership experience (if any), (c) your research profile - covering published papers (highlight the five best articles), funded projects, completed Ph.D. supervisions (if any), and other scholarly works, and (d) your teaching portfolio over the seven years.  

Please email documents # 1 & 2 to Ms. Fitri Sapine from the Human Resources department at    

Your email subject line must include "Associate Professor – Accounting and Finance (your name)" 

An application without a cover letter or a CV without complete information requested above may not be considered. 

Application deadline: 20 February 2021 

Expected start date:  May/June 2021  

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