Software Research Engineer (RE2) (# of pos: 2)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 24 Apr 2021

Context And Mission

HPC-8 is a basic research project oriented to explore novel aspects of the hardware and software stacks for high-performance architectures and systems. The trajectory of the different research teams at the Computer Sciences, with a critical mass of researchers, a holistic vision and willingness to explore new technologies and challenges, position the team as a key international leader in the HPC/BD/AI convergence, taking into account the energy efficiency requirements of the new workloads intensive in computation, data and use of AI, in an era of major changes in the HPC technologies available. On the software side, the project aims to: 1) develop programming models, both for monolithic applications and their workflow composition, with the objective of improving programmability, portability and data access; 2) efficiently address heterogeneity, both at the computation level (vector accelerators, GPU and FPGA) and data storage level (memory and storage hierarchies based on different technologies); 3) execution environments in highly distributed and parallel infrastructures, from Edge to Cloud to supercomputing clusters, according to performance optimization and energy use criteria, as well as fault tolerance and real time; and 4) evolve performance analysis tools to extract knowledge, using AI techniques, of application behavior.

Key Duties

  • To support the development of research-oriented environments at the Computer Sciences Department, including
  • programming models and runtime systems, performance analysis and prediction tools
  • Contribute with new features in the research-oriented environments mentioned above
  • Participate in the internal project meetings and in publications resulting of the project

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