Researcher spectrométrie de Masse H/F

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 25 May 2021

Develop and adapt new analytical methods specific to the field
Determine the procedures and conditions for sample preparation
Analyze, treat, validate and interpret the results
Disseminate and promote the results
Participate in the development and conduct of research projects
Ensure a scientific and technological survey
Participate in congresses, national and international professional networks, internships and schools
Diagnose device malfunctions
Plan the use of devices and ensure their day-to-day maintenance
Establish technological development partnerships with suppliers or academic partners

The recruited person will be responsible for the quantitative and structural analysis in lipidomics by SFC-HRMS / MS within the framework of the LIPOCOSM2 project carried out by the company Clarins in partnership with ICSN and ISIPCA, in particular. He/She will also develop innovative methods in the field of the analysis of complex mixtures by SFC-HRMS/MS with statistical data analysis and exploration of molecular networks generated from MS/MS data. He/She will also take part of GC-MS analysis relating to the project.

With a staff of nearly 130 people, the ICSN is the chemistry center of the CNRS campus of Gif-sur-Yvette. The Institute is located on the edge of the future Paris-Saclay campus, which will bring together nearly 10% of French research, and is an integral part of this new University. ICSN develops activities at the chemistry-biology interface, with natural substances as the object of study and the main source of inspiration.
The work will be carried out within mass spectrometry research team at ICSN under the direction of Dr David Touboul. The team has at its disposal a liquid chromatography chain (LC 1260 Prime) and a supercritical phase chromatography chain (SFC 1260) coupled to a new mass spectrometer (QTOF 6546 Agilent) as well as a GC-MS device. All this equipment is under a maintenance contract. The team also has performant computers allowing the calculation of large-scale molecular networks and statistical data analysis.

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