RNA Resources Project Leader

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We are recruiting a Project Leader to spearhead the development of the RNAcentral and Rfam databases. Currently funded by the BBSRC and Wellcome , Rfam and RNAcentral are key resources for RNA Biology that serve tens of thousands of users every year and are highly cited in the scientific literature. The RNA Resources team is part of the Sequence Families group led by Alex Bateman who will oversee progress and provide scientific input. 

You will be responsible for the day-to-day management of RNAcentral and Rfam, supervising a small team of software developers, bioinformaticians and curators. You will coordinate the regular release of new data, maintain the continuous operation of the websites and online services, and ensure the completion of grant objectives.

You are expected to drive the development of RNAcentral and Rfam, both from a technical and scientific perspective. This will require keeping abreast with scientific advancements, fostering and maintaining scientific collaborations, and contributing to the codebase as required. You will develop grant applications, write scientific papers, and participate in scientific meetings and public engagement events to disseminate the outcomes of the project. You will also organise external events such as the annual Scientific Advisory Board and RNAcentral Consortium meetings, as well as webinars and training workshops.

Above all, you must be enthusiastic about RNA biology, self-motivated, and have a strategic vision for the projects and your team. You are expected to have strong leadership qualities, but also have the ability to work collaboratively. You should have good communication skills, both verbal and written, be able to multitask and have a proven ability to meet deadlines. You should be innovative and have great attention to detail.

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