56903: Student in Aerospace or similar (f/m/x) - Conduct a system analysis of the current status of SpaceX's Starship

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Location: Bremen, BREMEN

SpaceX’s Starship is proposed to be a dual stage rocket that will transport a transfer vehicle for lunar and Mars missions into space. Starship is supposed to allow long-duration missions for an extended stay on Mars, facilitated by ISRU and other revolutionary technologies. These plans are ambitious and technologically demanding. In a broad analysis of mission feasibility, the following tasks are to be covered in the Bachelor thesis:

  • Determine the currently published information about Starship’s Mars mission proposal: Establish current status
  • Formulate the current baseline scenario
    > Which technologies are required?
    > Which elements are foreseen?
    > What trajectories exist?
    > Which system values exist (e.g. mass, thrust, Isp, etc)?
    > How will infrastructure be constructed?
  • Formulate requirements
    > Review existing requirements
    > Derive requirements from established mission scenario
    > Add own requirements based on own scenario or additional information from other sources
  • Analyse the sensitivity of the requirements on feasibility and overall mission design

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