Post Doctoral Researcher in Nanocrystal and Nanowire Synthesis Using Group IV Precursors – Specific...

Updated: 3 months ago
Location: Limerick, LEINSTER
Deadline: 06 May 2021


  • A doctoral degree (level 10 NFQ) in relevant area, chemistry or material science.


The purpose of this job will be to develop novel syntheses of nanocrystals, nanowires and intermetallics with an emphasis on compositions containing the group (IV) elements Si, Ge and Sn. The nanocrystals will be formed by solution based processes using high temperature and new synthetic protocols will be designed. The role will also involve characterisation of materials by Abberation Corrected TEM, HRTEM, HRSEM, XRD and XPS. This position will involve developing a generally applicable approach towards the colloidal synthesis group (IV) derived materials, by regulating nucleation and growth of nanostructures in low temperature solution processes. The role will also involve training of PhD students, contributing to research proposals, writing research papers to a quality required for publication.

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