PhD in Physical Engineering of Advanced Materials

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 02 Jun 2021

4-years PhD study

Title: "Self-organization in nanocomposites based on liquid crystals"


Liquid crystals are anisotropic fluids with long-range orientational order, which combine the fluidity of ordinary liquids with the directional dependence of electric and optical properties of crystalline solids.

Currently, one of the hot topics of the worldwide research is to design nanomaterials that are capable to assemble into functional superstructures in multiple direction. Liquid crystals themselves are prominent example of materials in which the self-organization (self-assembly) appears spontaneously on different scales. Besides the local ordering on the molecular level, they may form micro/macroscopic superstructures via the appearance of topological defects. The research targets the exploration of physical properties of anisotropic composite systems based on liquid crystals doped with magnetic particles and understanding of phenomena related to the self-assembly.


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